Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Late as Usual Update....

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening you lovely being you!  :)

Last Friday was the big AMNIO day!!  Eek!  It really had snuck up on me, so I didn't have any anxiety about it, which was wonderful!  

I left work at 11:15pm and then picked up Momma Bear (IM).  We had gluten-free pizza from Pizza Shmizza, which was outstanding, for lunch. Then we went to the appointment!

We started out by finishing the anatomy scan and confirmed once again that the baby is indeed a she! :)  Her kidney's were on the boarder of being too big which could indicate down's or possible kidney disease...but one was just under the limit and one was barely over.  I am certain that everything is wonderfully fine though. The test results will tell us if it's genetic and we have another ultrasound set for my 32nd week of pregnancy. HAPPY THOUGHTS ONLY sweet people! :0)

Isn't that the sweetest profile! :)

Next they completed the amnio...The only thing I can compare it to is an extremely bad cramp.  I found it interesting that I could feel needle pass through the different layers.  I am very in tune with my body so I think that may be why I was so aware of where the needle was passing.  I found it intriguing.  

I was very grateful when they pulled the catheter out. :)

Amniocentesis Procedure

After the procedure was done I tried to drive my car but I was still crampy/ pinchy...I know those are not words but the feeling is difficult to explain.  Regardless, I did not feel like driving, so IM drove.  She dropped me off at the Hotel Monaco here in Portland where I was to order room service, movies, and relax!  So, I did!  The prices were insane and it was like a whole different world.  I felt so guilty for ordering anything but I did it anyway because I had to eat and boy was it good!  

The room was huge (around 500ft) and I loved the decor!!!  Here it is!

This is the "living room" area.  The bathroom is beyond those doors to the left and was HUGE!  I just didn't see the appeal of taking a picture of the bathroom.

This is the right side of the bedroom...yes that is another tv...two tv...good grief!

This is the left side of the bedroom and the ridiculously comfortable king size bed.

This is the view from the entrance...the bathroom is to the right..through the first doorway is the living room and then past that is the bedroom.

My good friend Wendy came later to spend the night with me...I didn't want to be alone all night!  It was a whole lot of fun! It felt like a middle school sleepover...we talked ourselves to sleep!!! Of course before we did that, we had this amazing S'mores dessert....holy mackerel it was so good!!!

So, that was the amnio experience...I was spoiled not scarred...I did feel so guilty for the cost that I offered my IM that I would pay half of the tab but she said I was being silly and that she was glad I got to relax! :)  I really did feel like a princess!!!  

As always, I love you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's a GIRL! and a No Go on the Amnio!

So we found out that M & M are having a girl and I must say I told you so!  :)

We also found out that I have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta is in the front.  We could not find a good spot for the amnio to occur without the needle passing through the placenta, so we rescheduled for Friday Oct. 12th.

I'm going to go hang out with my kiddos now, but I figured I would send a quick update to all of you lovelies first before I got too distracted! :)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Un-Candy Coated Happenings....

So, I updated you last week on what an awesome ultrasound we had, along with our wonderful first OB appointment...But I may have been a little vague on current events.  This is due to my idea that having a positive outlook and thought process, every thing will always work out and be okay.  However, I feel dishonest and that is not a feeling that I am fond of.  So with that said, I am going to tell you how I have "really" been and ask that you look at the situation in a positive manner and send nothing but good prayers full of positive love and energy when you are through.

This may be TMI to those with a weak constitution, but it's not too horrible.

The Friday before this past I had a migraine that lasted until after I fell asleep on Saturday night.  I don't know that this has any merit with what happened on Sunday night/Monday morning, but it happened.  On Sunday I felt so much better and cleaned my kitchen (thoroughly).  It was a great day until later that evening when I went to the bathroom and noticed blood (brown old blood) when I wiped.  I immediately laid myself down and decided to take it easy.  I drank a ton of water on top of that.  Later on there was no blood, thank God.

On Monday morning I got dressed and went to work, where upon going to the restroom I noticed more brown blood in my chonies.  At this point, I began to worry a little and called the advice nurse at my OB/GYN office.  The nurse said that she would have the doctor call me back and that they would probably just give me instructions over the phone.  So, I finished a fairly easy day at work and left for home.

After about 10 minutes of being home, I received the phone call from the advice nurse.  They wanted me to come in for a fetal heart beat check.  This was at 12:45 PM.  She said the earliest they could see me was at 1:00 PM.  Thankful that their office is only two exits off of 205 from my house, I said that I would be there.

The nurse that took me back to do the check was really sweet.  At first what I heard was slow and labored and I began to worry.  It wasn't the normal whew, whew, whew that I was used to hearing.  I said something to the nurse and she said that it was the placenta.  That was working, I sighed...But I still couldn't hear the baby.

The nurse kept moving the doppler around and stopping and then looking at her watch.  I asked her if everything was okay and she said that the baby was just moving and she couldn't get the rate.  I guided her to where I had seen the baby "hanging" out in the ultrasound and we were able to very briefly catch the baby's heartbeat, which was very strong.  I guess she/he is a little mover, but thank God once again that we heard that little heartbeat.

The nurse sent me home with a "threatened miscarriage" information sheet with her own notes saying that I should be reassured that we heard the heartbeat.  I was reassured until I received that damn information sheet with such a negative term in bold typing.

I decided that I needed to be positive and prayed a lot to God that the blood would stop and that pregnancy would continue to be viable and the baby would thrive.

There was no bleeding after that, but I did check my cervix and it was very short, soft and slightly open.  I have been on modified bed rest since then...So it's work, then home where I am laying down for the most part.  On Thursday I did another check of my cervix, even though I was apprehensive in doing so because I was afraid of what I would discover, but to my great pleasure and pure gratefulness, it was closed, hard, and longer than it had been earlier in the week.

Friday went without a hitch.  Saturday I went to my 3 year old's gymnastics where I sat in a chair and watched the cuteness before me.  After that I went to my 11 year old's first soccer game of the season where stood and watched an awesome match.  Later that night, last night, I got a horrible, borderline migraine, headache.  I chugged tons of water and laid down at 7:30 PM for an early bedtime.

My headache was gone this morning, thankfully.  I did a cervix check.  It was shorter and softer than on Thursday but not as bad as it was at the beginning of last week.  Back to doing nothing but work and bed rest for me.  I will not take any chances with this pregnancy, but I am assured and faithful that it will all be okay and that I may be over analyzing the feel of my cervix because I am paranoid.

So, my friends, I ask that you help stay positive for me.  Think nothing of good thoughts and how happy and beautiful it will be when this baby's Mommy and Daddy hold her/him for the first time.  It is all going to be okay and I am happy that I can be honest with you, even if opening up took me a little bit of processing.  You are all beautiful and I am grateful to share my story with you.

As always, I love you.

Monday, September 10, 2012

and the worst blogger of the century award goes to......

Oh gee..what has or hasn't happened in the last few to many weeks?

I guess most importantly, I am still pregnant!  12 weeks 5 days to be exact!  We actually had our last appointment at the fertility clinic and were released to our OB, who we saw the same day!  Oh!  And I am no longer shooting my bum with hormones as my body has taken over that job!  Yay my body!

This is the little (I'm saying girl) one hanging out upside down at 10 weeks 5 days with a strong 175 bpm heart rate:

We are scheduled for an amniocentesis on October 5th and I promise to try and get pictures of the procedure! 

This is a shirt that I ordered for the little one...It is supposed to be turquoise, but the picture looks awfully blue to me!  It says, "Made with Love (and science)".  Perfect, right?!?

Now that I have given you the hip hops and hoorays, I hope you can forgive me for the lagging on writing.  It has been hard to find time because someone else seems to always be on the computer or I am busy with my kiddos...At this point I won't even promise to write more, I will just say that I will do my best to keep you updated.  :)  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm sorry...I'm a turd.

I'm not really sure why I haven't updated my blog yet.  It would be understandable if I had bad news, but I don't.  We saw a beautiful bean with a wonderful heartbeat of 125 (I'm guessing it's a girl).  ;)  Every time that I thought, "hmm, I should update my blog", something stopped me....so here I am, in the now, with this wonderful news!

M & M's Mini's very first photo:

I also took video of the whole ultrasound, but I am waiting for permission from the doctor to share it.  

If you notice the dark spot above the gestational sac (the black area where the baby is), that is called a subchorionic hematoma.  These are very common with IVF and should go away without any issues, however, I have been told that for now, walking is the only exercise I am allowed to do.

For more information on subchorionic hematomas go here: http://www.justmommies.com/articles/subchorionic-hematoma.shtml

If you are wondering why I say I am guessing a girl, I will tell you.  First, IM and I both feel "girl".  Second, the heart rate is on the high end for this early.  On average the heart beat of a 6.5 - 7 week old fetus is 90-110, and this baby is at 125!  Now, I am not saying I completely believe in the theory of gender/ heart rate correlation, but it's fun to guess. :)  

I, personally, am feeling great (a little fat and self judging), but great.  I am blessed with easy pregnancies!  I have a bulge starting already, but I am hoping to stay out of maternity clothes until at least 10 weeks or more.  Fingers crossed!

Our next and last appointment at ORM is on August 27, which is subsequently the same day as our very first appointment with the OB. :)  So we have the ORM appointment at 11:15am, then we'll get lunch and head to Kaiser for our appointment at 1:30pm. I think that will be an exciting day! 

I will try to keep you updated between now and then, but I don't expect much excitement.  I will post the video if I am given permission though!  

As always, I love you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6 days until we see the little bean!

I am so excited for the 30th!  I know that I already told you that was the day of the ultrasound..don't act like I didn't!  ;)  I kid, I kid!

Everything is going as a normal pregnancy for me would go, besides the shots in the rear and the inserts in my you know.....

I have enjoyed eating celery and coleslaw (both of which I usually can't stand).  I have had a nasty sweet taste in my mouth that makes me feel nauseous, but I have found that a piece of gum remedies that.  I'm bloated and of course on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Oh joyous day!  I'm pregnant!

I have been keeping busy with camping, fishing, and a concert.  Of course, there have been naps carefully placed...umm..what am I saying!?  Carefully placed?  I lay down for a minute and I'm out!  They are quite wonderful though!

Sorry for the sporadic manner of this post, but I wanted to update you guys real quick...just in case you were curious! ;0)

As always, I love you.  Thanks for being amazing!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh I forgot to mention...

My second beta at 11dp5dt was 139.4! I am currently 15dp5dt! :)

And the wait goes on....

I will be the first to admit that I am one of the least patient people in the world when it comes to waiting for something I want or want to happen and I can't wait until July 30th!

That is the date of the first ultrasound, which will confirm the pregnancy by seeing the baby's heartbeat and growth.  I am so excited for this, but I am also apprehensive.  I don't know if you have ever been pregnant or when your were if you ever had that moment of not really believing you are pregnant.  Well, it's even harder when you are pumping your body full of hormones that cause symptoms that mimic the same symptoms of pregnancy.  I really want to go and POAS just to make sure...even though the blood test already confirmed that I am, in fact, pregnant with rising hCG numbers....I guess I just need to relax!

I only have 14 days left!  Wish me luck on staying sane and not giving in to the desire to use a HPT.

As always I love you all!  Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And the beta number is......

Whoooooooooo! Second beta is on Thursday morning at 7:30am! :)  

I'm so excited!  If you don't know what that number means, that's okay!  It's the amount of hCG in my  blood...which means...I'm pregnant!  I know that I have said this already, but this is the official "the doctor says so" test!  Whooot!  

I'll update more later! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

It's a digital world!

Good afternoon guys and dolls!  Tomorrow is my BETA! That is where they measure the amount of hCG in your blood!  I am super excited and I will update you on what that lucky number is when I get the results!

As for today (8dp5dt) I can share with you another exciting home pregnancy test!  This one was the one holding me back and making me nervous....the digital.

I thought I was done taking tests and was going to wait until the BETA, however my friend Tiffany demanded a digital and my IM seemed to be extremely nervous.  So I didn't pee from 10:15am until I got home from work at 12:30ish pm today.  I picked up a pack of two digital tests on my way home and took one as soon as I got home...it was negative. :(

I was kinda bummed/worried.

I wasn't sure if I was going to take the second test today or in the morning.  I wanted my urine to be as concentrated as possible (lovely right?)

I realized, however, that I tend to drink more water in the AM than I do in the PM.  It was easier to not have to pee....So I was able to wait...and wait...and wait....and then at 4:00pm, I took the last and final test [I swear I wouldn't buy more (I can hear my surro sisters laughing at me now)].

Here it is...the wonderful and beautiful word without the ugly "NOT" before it!!!!

AHHHH!!!  I'm so very excited!!! :)

Love to you all!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A LONG LONG time coming!!!

I'm not going to start with an apology about how long it has been since I have updated you regarding my surrogacy journey.  We spent these many months in limbo, not knowing what the next step would be and writing about nothing seemed mute and depressing.

On to today, the now, the lately!

M & M decided to give an embryo donor a try since they no longer had any frozen embryo's and the odds of a successful transfer using an embryo donor were greater than if they did.

The donor's eggs were retrieved on Tuesday June 26th and 9 of them fertilized with M (IF)'s sperm!! What a great number!!

On Sunday July 1st this little beauty, who I have dubbed M & M Mini, was transferred into my uterus:

 This is an artistic version I made for my IP's! :)

As the worst kind of POAS addict, I started peeing on HPT's at 3dp5dt...I thought I had a very faint line, however I wasn't convinced that what I was seeing was a positive or the control line...So I kept peeing....

The following 3 photos are at 4dp5dt....with a trained surro eye...you can see very faint lines....the third photo was taken in the evening, so 4.5dp5dt....You can see the line easier in that one.



5dp5dt was not a very exciting day....The lines didn't seem to get darker and I was worried that was a bad sign...I had also used up 5 digital tests that all said "NOT PREGNANT" which is quite depressing....Stupid digitals!  So I didn't  take any pictures and may have pouted a little. :)

Now on to this morning...after peeing on the last test I had at 4am, which was a negative digital, I decided that I would just wait until my BETA test on Tuesday.  However, being the addict that I am, I got up out of bed, got dressed, held my pee, and went to the store to buy more tests.  I know...I have issues....

I got home and took the test (First Response Early Results)....and within less than a minute, this is what I got...

I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 1.5 years on this journey with my IP's, two failed cycles, one incomplete cycle because of the embryo falling apart, I'm PREGNANT!!!

Of course the numbers of the BETA(s) will be the tell all...and then the first ultrasound, but the magic HPT stick says M & M Mini is here to stay!!!  WHOOO HOOO!!

That's it for now!  I will try to keep this darn thing updated!

Love you all!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So...yeah...it's been more than a while since I have updated my blog and I am sorry to those of you who care.

My last cycle was a bust.  I went  through all the motions all the way up to the point where I was laying on the table ready for the transfer...The embryologist came in just as the Dr. said we were ready (legs up and everything) and told us that the embryo had died.  It was insanely sad.

This mixed with the fact that I was laid off in September, have an uncle (successfully) battling cancer, and missing my family during the holidays has kept me pretty quiet and hermit like.  I've been quite lonely as Jesse works nights and seems to sleep all day.  I know I have the girls, but adult conversation, for me, is needed.  I have been lucky to have two great friends who visit me on occasion and I thank God for them because they keep me sane! ;) Lack of money has kept me pretty tied to the house as it is, so going "out" hasn't really been in the cards, so the company is nice and I love them for it!

On the surrogacy front, I should know more soon.  My IP's are finding an embryo donor and plan on moving forward with me as their carrier.  I will update when I know more.

Love and blessings!