Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6 days until we see the little bean!

I am so excited for the 30th!  I know that I already told you that was the day of the ultrasound..don't act like I didn't!  ;)  I kid, I kid!

Everything is going as a normal pregnancy for me would go, besides the shots in the rear and the inserts in my you know.....

I have enjoyed eating celery and coleslaw (both of which I usually can't stand).  I have had a nasty sweet taste in my mouth that makes me feel nauseous, but I have found that a piece of gum remedies that.  I'm bloated and of course on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Oh joyous day!  I'm pregnant!

I have been keeping busy with camping, fishing, and a concert.  Of course, there have been naps carefully placed...umm..what am I saying!?  Carefully placed?  I lay down for a minute and I'm out!  They are quite wonderful though!

Sorry for the sporadic manner of this post, but I wanted to update you guys real quick...just in case you were curious! ;0)

As always, I love you.  Thanks for being amazing!

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