Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm sorry...I'm a turd.

I'm not really sure why I haven't updated my blog yet.  It would be understandable if I had bad news, but I don't.  We saw a beautiful bean with a wonderful heartbeat of 125 (I'm guessing it's a girl).  ;)  Every time that I thought, "hmm, I should update my blog", something stopped here I am, in the now, with this wonderful news!

M & M's Mini's very first photo:

I also took video of the whole ultrasound, but I am waiting for permission from the doctor to share it.  

If you notice the dark spot above the gestational sac (the black area where the baby is), that is called a subchorionic hematoma.  These are very common with IVF and should go away without any issues, however, I have been told that for now, walking is the only exercise I am allowed to do.

For more information on subchorionic hematomas go here:

If you are wondering why I say I am guessing a girl, I will tell you.  First, IM and I both feel "girl".  Second, the heart rate is on the high end for this early.  On average the heart beat of a 6.5 - 7 week old fetus is 90-110, and this baby is at 125!  Now, I am not saying I completely believe in the theory of gender/ heart rate correlation, but it's fun to guess. :)  

I, personally, am feeling great (a little fat and self judging), but great.  I am blessed with easy pregnancies!  I have a bulge starting already, but I am hoping to stay out of maternity clothes until at least 10 weeks or more.  Fingers crossed!

Our next and last appointment at ORM is on August 27, which is subsequently the same day as our very first appointment with the OB. :)  So we have the ORM appointment at 11:15am, then we'll get lunch and head to Kaiser for our appointment at 1:30pm. I think that will be an exciting day! 

I will try to keep you updated between now and then, but I don't expect much excitement.  I will post the video if I am given permission though!  

As always, I love you!