Saturday, July 7, 2012

A LONG LONG time coming!!!

I'm not going to start with an apology about how long it has been since I have updated you regarding my surrogacy journey.  We spent these many months in limbo, not knowing what the next step would be and writing about nothing seemed mute and depressing.

On to today, the now, the lately!

M & M decided to give an embryo donor a try since they no longer had any frozen embryo's and the odds of a successful transfer using an embryo donor were greater than if they did.

The donor's eggs were retrieved on Tuesday June 26th and 9 of them fertilized with M (IF)'s sperm!! What a great number!!

On Sunday July 1st this little beauty, who I have dubbed M & M Mini, was transferred into my uterus:

 This is an artistic version I made for my IP's! :)

As the worst kind of POAS addict, I started peeing on HPT's at 3dp5dt...I thought I had a very faint line, however I wasn't convinced that what I was seeing was a positive or the control line...So I kept peeing....

The following 3 photos are at 4dp5dt....with a trained surro can see very faint lines....the third photo was taken in the evening, so 4.5dp5dt....You can see the line easier in that one.



5dp5dt was not a very exciting day....The lines didn't seem to get darker and I was worried that was a bad sign...I had also used up 5 digital tests that all said "NOT PREGNANT" which is quite depressing....Stupid digitals!  So I didn't  take any pictures and may have pouted a little. :)

Now on to this morning...after peeing on the last test I had at 4am, which was a negative digital, I decided that I would just wait until my BETA test on Tuesday.  However, being the addict that I am, I got up out of bed, got dressed, held my pee, and went to the store to buy more tests.  I know...I have issues....

I got home and took the test (First Response Early Results)....and within less than a minute, this is what I got...

I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 1.5 years on this journey with my IP's, two failed cycles, one incomplete cycle because of the embryo falling apart, I'm PREGNANT!!!

Of course the numbers of the BETA(s) will be the tell all...and then the first ultrasound, but the magic HPT stick says M & M Mini is here to stay!!!  WHOOO HOOO!!

That's it for now!  I will try to keep this darn thing updated!

Love you all!


  1. Same thing happend to me with a negative digi then pos HPT. Digi's test at a higher number so I ignored those. Congrats on the pregnancy, how exciting!!!

  2. That's freaking awesome! I'm so excited for you guys! When's your beta?

  3. How wonderfully exciting! Seeing that second line is the best feeling in the world! Happy and Healthy 9 months to you!!

  4. I am excited for you and the people you are doing the surrogacy for :-) There is no better feeling in the world than so selflessly giving someone a baby they have always longed to have. I just think this is so darned neat! My sister-in-law has 2 kids then she did surrogacy's 4 times and had twins each time. There is a surrogacy magazine that did a story on her 3 years ago. She is at her limit. They wont let her do a surrogacy again, or I am sure she would. Praise God!! You are such a blessing Crystal :-)