Thursday, July 21, 2011


I’m not even going to begin this with my usual life got busy so I didn’t blog excuse.  I don’t have much to say in regards to the surrogacy process, as there have been no decisions made one way or another.  We are still at a standstill….I think more like ½ a block away from the crossroads than at them. 

In my life I’ve been dealing with a bought of depression.  With this failed IVF, the loneliness that has come with working separate shifts than Jesse, and the loss of a friend my guard was down and I allowed myself to be enveloped in deep sadness.  It’s been a long couple of months, but I am slowly but surely making my way through the murkiness and into the bright sunshine filled world that I am blessed to be a part of.  I’ve made two very amazing friends who have helped with the loneliness….Jen, one of my new best friends is by far one of the most compassionate people I have ever known and I am so blessed that she was introduced to me by the grace of God.  She has helped me more than anyone could ever know and I didn’t even ask for it, for that I am eternally grateful.  The other, Katie, is super amazing and I have known her for years, but we never had the chance to hang out…except when I would drop Sydney off at school……Now she lives down the road….She’s an amazing friend too…super sweet, an insane artist (seriously her art is that good), she’s a professional DJ (however not currently doing that work) and a teacher…and she is so easy to talk to. 

I also have been graced with the presence of my best friend Jasmine and my niece Sophia as they came into town for our friend Sheena's wedding (which was awesome!)....

So, I'm slowly coming out of my funk....slowly.....  I just know everything works always does.  :)

My kids are doing great!  Here are a couple of pics… and my new siggy that I made for my profile.  J 

Hope this finds you well!!

I took all of the pictures (even the background of the siggy) myself!  :)  Edited the ones of the girls...yay!