Monday, January 31, 2011

6dpt5db What?

6 days post transfer of 5 day blastocyst....I'm learning the lingo.

What I am not learning is patience.  I have peed on 15 sticks and all came up BFN or Big Fat Negative!  As you can tell with the acronym's, I have been online absorbing as much information as possible.  I have come to learn that as a singleton transfer, I shouldn't expect a BFP or Big Fat Positive so soon, and that I probably should just calm the heck down!  :)  It's hard not to compare yourself to every other surrogates story (or their tests!)

Thursday seems so LONG away!  I would say that I have plenty of homework to distract me, which I do, but I just can't seem to concentrate on it.  I got an 80% on my Philosophy test which is unacceptable for me.  I really have to buckle down, but here I am talking to you.  I hope you are well.


Friday, January 28, 2011

A Little Pee Stick Happy

I told you that I had little to no patience.  I have taken at least 5 pregnancy tests, scoured the Internet for hours to discern if an evaporation line was really a evaporation line, or if I had already gotten a positive test (not likely).  An evaporation line is when you think you can see a line, but you really can't and then after the 10 minute allotted time for a result to be valid you can see a little bit of something...yeah...try squinting at a stick you peed on for's fun.

I really don't expect to get a positive result from a home pregnancy test (HPT) until at least Monday...but I am so excited to get it and send it to the IP's!  I can't wait!  I know that I have a more sensitive test on Thursday...but like I patience.  I bought 15 tests.  8 from the Dollar Store, 3 E.P.T.'s, & 4 CVS brand...all of which will be peed on by yours truely by next Thursday.  Yeah....I have a problem...I wonder if they have a Pregnancy Test Anonymous? 

Today couldn't have gone by slower.  I can't workout until I get the test next Thursday, so I didn't have that to break up the monotony of the day, hence 2 of the CVS brand tests...What a nice walk to Rite-Aid that was!  What's funny though, is that the end of the day, I forgot it was Friday and told my boss I would complete a task first thing in the morning.  NOOOO!!!  I love my weekends!  I get to sleep in until 7:30ish!  I know....jealous, right?

Well, that's about it for now....I'll keep ya posted!  Loves!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now for How the Actual Transfer Went! (I swear no bitching!)

Let me share with you how the actual transfer went. 

I got off of work in an excited hurry at 11:30 am, just in time to catch the streetcar to Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM).  I had, as always, been drinking mass amounts of water and had another quart with me as instructed.  I got to ORM at 11:41 am and immediately went to the bathroom.  After I had emptied myself, I was instructed to drink the whole quart (which made my 4th for the morning) within the hour. 

When I came back from using the restroom, I was greeted by M & M or the IP's (intended parents who can tell you their names if they feel like it!)  They had in a tow a gigantic Trader Joe's bag filled with the most beautiful Orchid ever, organic (sliced) pineapple, and gifts for my daughter's.

After we chatted for a bit, Maggie, the (I'm guessing because she is my first) most amazing acupuncturist ever showed up and we proceeded to my bay or home base room!

As you can imagine by then, I had to PEE!  Of course, why would they have me fill myself with water if they didn't want me to have a full I suffer/enjoyed a half hour of acupuncture trying not to think about pissing all over the table.  I did a good job...I didn't pee myself....Round of applause for me! 

The nurse came and checked my bladder mid-session with the Ultrasound, and as I assumed, it was too full.  I had to go the bathroom and fill a 10 oz.  3/4 of the way.  The doctor needed to see my uterus, which a full bladder helps with, but mine was pinching the uterus off.  Have you ever had to do that...Imagine holding your pee to where it hurts, then trying to stop the flow once it's started....I'm very proud of myself.

Finally, it was time.  I had been given a valium to help relax the uterus and then was wheeled into the procedure room.  It was very sterile and high tech.  There was a separate room where the little embryo was waiting and the tech was able to take a quick picture of him or her before inserting the embryo into the transfer straw.  Here he/she is:
AWWW...They're so cute when they are still blastocysts!  :)

The pictures are of just one embryo...that is all that was transferred. 

At this time, I still had to pee...and I mean, my teeth were floating.  I just knew they were going to have me pee and pinch again...and I was right.  This time they wanted the full cup....and I did it.  Yes...I am proud of myself...once again.  ;)

The transfer was painless and quick.  In fact everyone said it was the fasted transfer that they have ever seen because of how relaxed I was.  I thank the acupuncture and my being able to relax through shallow breathing techniques.  :)  I will keep you informed on the results of the tests!  The blood test is next Thursday!!  How exciting! 


Two Days Post Transfer & a RANT!

I am now off of bed rest.  Thank God.  You would have thought I had the time or even the need to write about the transfer in the 48 hours I was stuck on my couch at a 35% angle.....but I didn't.  No, I was too busy scouring the Internet on the success rates of IVF and trying to figure out why I had such bad gas.  That's right I said it....Gas..GAs...GAS!!!  I felt, and still kinda feel, like I have the Hindenburg (pre-explosion of course) squished into my bowels....and I never did find a concrete answer...  TMI???  Suck it up...Aren't blogs supposed to be about honesty?  Well, here you go.  I have decided to let go and be more candid with this blog, because, mainly I need a safe place to vent.  Sure, some of you know me personally, and you'll probably learn or hear things you don't care to know about (like the gas talk a bit ago)...but if this offends you...don't read it! 

So, now, as far as the transfer goes, it's a waiting game.  The earliest I can do a HPT (home pregnancy test) and get a positive is probably Monday....but I have the patience of my two year old, and we all know I will probably test everyday this weekend...I'll keep you informed on that!

On the personal front, a friend text dumped me because we have changed too much or some bullshit like that after I had gotten upset for her bailing on me two days before the transfer...she was supposed to be my ride, something I had asked her literally the day I received my calendar over a month and a half ago...I even asked her, probably on a weekly basis if she was going to be available and she always said yes...Then, over this past weekend I took her and my girls (paid for 100% of everything besides a pack of smokes she bought herself and dinner bought by a friend) to Seattle for a fun filled weekend and lunch with the IP's...On our way home I asked her again if she was still going to be able to pick me up and she said that her mom MAY need a ride to the doctor, but that she didn't know because her mom hadn't texted her back....ALL I NEEDED WAS A HALF HOUR TO AN HOUR OF HER TIME...and she couldn't because her mom might have needed a ride.  So, I said something about it, which I don't usually do, and she dumped me....After the Seattle trip and my fiancĂ© (who she openly dislikes) fixed her fiancĂ©’s car free of charge in the middle of winter in rainy ass Portland...and I couldn't get a ride home from her.  Lame.

As much as I love her though, it's kind of a relief.  At least I won't have to try so hard to please her....a nearly impossible feat.  ....My daughter will be the sad one....

Thank God for my sister in-law to be Julie.  She really pulled through....She picked me up and then made me dinner....THANK YOU!  :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today is the Day that the Transfer Occurs!

Good Morning....I am skipping past the fact that I am absolutely terrible at keeping a blog, diary, or journal of any type, because I'm so excited! 

I started the Progesterone last week and I have been so insanely emotion..darn hormones!!!  I also woke up very nauseous this morning and can't seem to kick it...another joy of the hormones....but those are all small issues and can be surpassed by the excitement and joy that comes with knowing that today, I will become pregnant with M & M's baby(s).  I am staying positive about the outcome because I know that the transfer will take.  I added the "s" because we won't know until a little while later, after 9 am, if there will be one or two embryo's transferred.  I will definitely let you know! 

I am about to start work and will be getting off at 11:30 am PST to go to ORM.  At noon I will receive acupuncture and a relax the uterus of course!  The transfer is scheduled for 1:00 pm PST.  Afterwards, I will lay in ORM's bay for an hour and receive another round of acupuncture. Whoo!  

I will try to update later on how it has gone, but I can't make any promises!   Loves!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Only a Week from Tomorrow....

As of tomorrow at 1:00 PM PST, it will be one week until the transfer!  I am getting excited! 

Kids, work and school are all keeping me insanely busy and I am working on finding my perfect balance, just as I do at the beggining of each school term. 

I look forward to sharing more about this journey with you.  For now, there isn't much going on.