Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1000 Views and a Geeky Gift for you!...a List of Acronyms Dealing with Fertility

Don't pretend....I know you're excited!  I know I am! I just noticed my blog has been viewed 1000 times (thanks for sharing my journey!) ALSO, I start my vacation this Friday!  Whoot!  I ordered 25 pee sticks (POAS) and am ready for a great transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a list of some of the most used acronyms:

AAS: All About Surrogacy
2WW: 2-Week Wait
AF: Aunt Flo -Your menstrual period
AI: Artificial Insemination
AP: Adoptive Parents
ART: Assisted reproductive therapy
AZH or AH: Assisted Hatching
BBT: Basal Body Temperature
BCP: Birth Control Pills
BETA: Blood test for Pregnancy
BFP: Big Fat Positive (found on HPT, and Betas)
BFN: Big Fat Negative (these are no fun, also found on HPT's & Betas)
BM: Birth Mom
BMI: Body Mass Index (measure of body fat based on height and weight)
BTW: By the way
BTDT : Been there, Done that.
B/W: Bloodwork
CB: Cycle Buddy
CD: Cycle day - The first day of your period is cycle day 1
CM: Cervical Mucus
CNM: Certified Nurse Midwife
CTX: Contractions
CVS: Chorionic Villus Sampling
D&C: Dilation & Curettage
D&E: Dilation & Evacuation
DE: Donor Egg/Donor Embryo
DD: Dear/Darling Daughter
DH: Dear/Darling/Damn) Husband
DPO: Days Post Ovulation
DPR: Days Post-Retrieval
DP3DT: Days Post 3-Day Transfer
DP5DT: Days Post 5-Day Transfer
DPT: Days Post Transfer
E2: Estrogen
ED: Egg donor/donation
EDD: Estimated Due Date
ELV: Easy Labor Vibes
EPT: Early Pregnancy Test
ET: Embryo Transfer
FET: Frozen Embryo Transfer
FGS: Former Gestational Surrogate
FHR: Fetal Heart Rate
FIF: Former Intended Father
FIM: Former Intended Mother
FIL: Father-in-law
FIP: Former Intended Parents
FRED: Pregnancy Test Brand: First Response, Early Detection. Now called Early Result.
FSH: Follicle Stimulating Hormone
FSM: Former Surrogate Mother
FTS: Former Traditional Surrogate
GC: Gestational Carrier
GD: Gestational Diabetes
GIFT: Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer
GS: Gestational Surrogate
GTT: Glucose Tolerance Test
hCG, HCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
HI: Home Insemination
HPT: Home Pregnancy Test
HOM: High order multiples
HSC: Hysteroscopy
HSG: Hysterosalpingogram
ICI: Intra-cervical Insemination
ICSI: Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
IF: Intended Father
IM: Intended Mother
IMO/IMHO: In my opinion/In my humble opinion
Indy/Independent-Working with out an agency.
IP: Intended Parent/Parents
Indy: Independent Surrogacy Journey, You don't use an agency.
ITI: Intra-tubal Insemination
IVF: In Vitro Fertilization
IUI: Intrauterine Insemination
JMO/JMHO: Just my opinion/Just my humble opinion
KWIM: Know what I mean?
LH: Luteinizing Hormone
LMAO: Laughing my (butt) off
LMP: Last Menstrual Period (start date)
LP: Luteal Phase
M/C: Miscarriage
MFI: Male Factor Infertility
MIL: Mother-in-law
MOO: My Own Opinion
M/S: Morning sickness
O: Ovulation
OB: Obstetrician
OB/GYN: Obstetrician/Gynecologist
OPK: Ovulation Predictor Kit
OPT: Ovulation Predictor Test
P4: Progesterone
PBO: Prebirth Order
POAS: Pee on a Stick (referring to a Home Pregnancy Test)
PCOS: Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome
PCOD: Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease
PED: Potential Egg Donor
PG: Pregnant
PGD: Pre implantation genetic diagnosis
PGS: Potential Gestational Surrogate
PIO: Progesterone in Oil
PIP: Potential Intended Parent
PIF: Potential Intended Father
PIM: Potential Intended Mother
PMS: Pre-menstrual Syndrome
PSM: Potential Surrogate Mother
PTL: Preterm Labor
PTS: Potential Traditional Surrogate
RE: Reproductive Endocrinologist
Rx: Prescription
ER: Retrieval (Egg)
SA: Sperm/Semen Analysis
SD: Sperm Donor
SIL: Sister-in-law
SM: Surrogate Mother
STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease
Stims: Medications used to stimulate the ovaries
TS: Traditional Surrogate
TTC: Trying To Conceive
u/s: Ultrasound
zift: Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Week from Today...and a Hormonal Reaction to Wonderful News!

I found out from my IM that we are leaning towards transferring two embryos this time!  This is great news because it will increase the chances of a pregnancy occurring.  Of course the chance for multiples is increased, but that doesn't bother me...

Speaking of multiples, I found out yesterday via Facebook that my brother and his wife are expecting twins!  I think this is wonderful news, but yesterday, I was very hormonal or in other words....EMOTIONAL!  My feelings were so hurt that I found out that way, but in reality I know from experience not to expect much in the area of thoughtfulness from him, plus, he's a dude.  :)  So, YAY for him and his wife! 

What I think caused me to be so insanely hormonal and is the most logical explanation is the endocrinologist tripled of Delestrogen.  That's right.....I said tripled it.  That's only because I was supposed to double my dose for two injections prior to my appointment and my lining, although good, was slightly thin.  The doctor said this was not a bad problem to have and then blamed it on them, although I feel responsible.  The good news is, my lining is now where it should be, the bad news is, they are keeping me on the tripled dose!  Ahhh!  Well, at least there is an explanation to my crying like a girl at work.  :) 

Have a beautiful day and as always....loves!

Oh!  And more good news!  My friend and one of Jocelyn's teachers from daycare will be coming over while Jesse is at work to help me out!  THANK YOU Erin!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WAIT! Did I Say Just Two Weeks!?!?! HELP!!!

Last night as I attempted to go to sleep and ignore my ever wandering mind wanting to over analyze the world, I realized how much I need to get done in only two weeks. 

Fortunately, I think the main thing that I need to take care of, a ride home, is set in stone.  This is because of my fianc├ęs new job in which he works nights.  Of course, that brings on a whole new set of issues.  Who is going to watch the girls at night when I am supposed to be on bed rest?  I may be freaking out a little on that part.  Syd, my 10 year old, is pretty self sufficient (she can even cook eggs now!), but my two year old Joce, who I will have for 2 nights without Syd after the transfer, if obviously not.  I’m not sure what I am going to do, but I am thinking I better figure it out soon.  Maybe I will take the IP’s up on their offer for a food service, housekeeping, and childcare, at least for those two nights.  I feel bad asking them to provide that though, so I will see if I can find an alternative plan.  Any ideas??????  Please?

Next on my list of things to do is make sure that the acupuncturist is set up for the transfer.  I have no doubt that she (and maybe the Valium), created the calm that allowed for such an easy transfer with the last round.  She is amazing. 

I also think that setting up my area for bed rest to be filled with peaceful flow and ambience will be beneficial.  I am actually glad that I am stressing now, because I don’t want to wait until the last minute and put my body into defense mode.

So, that is where my brain is.  I am sure there a million more things to be taken care of, but for now, those are the biggies.  I am off to work now. 

Have a beautiful day.  All suggestions would be highly appreciated. 

And as always….Loves.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Weeks from Today!

In exactly two weeks, minus a few hours, embryo transfer number two will occur! I didn’t realize how close it was until I looked at my Outlook calendar. Two weeks! Time really is flying, isn’t it?

Things are going well here. I have experienced a little bloating and emotional sensitivity, but both are symptoms that are to be expected with the cocktail of hormones I am injecting myself with. I find myself in moments of self pity because I feel alone, even though I have many amazing and wonderful people in my life and all is well once I remind myself of that.

So far, all I know about the transfer is the date and time. I will let you know more once I am more informed. I doubt I will know the number of embryo’s, but my assumption is that it will be just one. If it is more than that, it would probably be the re-freeze from the last transfer, and there are no statistics on the viability of a re-frozen embryo. Who knows....I promise I will let you know. :)

Have a beautiful day. Loves.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's not just you...I've been ignoring all of my writing projects...

I wouldn't quite call it a funk, because I have been in a super mood lately.  I have just been busy having fun with my kids and working....Did I mention how much I hate litigation!  :) I did not, because that was only my third sentence.

I started the Delestrogen this past Sunday (the 2x week intramuscular injection meds.)  It always seems more daunting than it really is to stick that 2.5" needle into myself.  It was cake.

I honestly can't believe how fast time is flying this cycle.  I think it's probably because of not having to deal with the mock cycle and Climara patches.  May 3rd is just around the corner!  I took the rest of the week off of work for the transfer.  I don't want any of that stress to effect my body and the implantation of the embryo.  I'm going to take it easy the WHOLE time.  I need a maid and a personal chef...anyone interested?