Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Late as Usual Update....

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening you lovely being you!  :)

Last Friday was the big AMNIO day!!  Eek!  It really had snuck up on me, so I didn't have any anxiety about it, which was wonderful!  

I left work at 11:15pm and then picked up Momma Bear (IM).  We had gluten-free pizza from Pizza Shmizza, which was outstanding, for lunch. Then we went to the appointment!

We started out by finishing the anatomy scan and confirmed once again that the baby is indeed a she! :)  Her kidney's were on the boarder of being too big which could indicate down's or possible kidney disease...but one was just under the limit and one was barely over.  I am certain that everything is wonderfully fine though. The test results will tell us if it's genetic and we have another ultrasound set for my 32nd week of pregnancy. HAPPY THOUGHTS ONLY sweet people! :0)

Isn't that the sweetest profile! :)

Next they completed the amnio...The only thing I can compare it to is an extremely bad cramp.  I found it interesting that I could feel needle pass through the different layers.  I am very in tune with my body so I think that may be why I was so aware of where the needle was passing.  I found it intriguing.  

I was very grateful when they pulled the catheter out. :)

Amniocentesis Procedure

After the procedure was done I tried to drive my car but I was still crampy/ pinchy...I know those are not words but the feeling is difficult to explain.  Regardless, I did not feel like driving, so IM drove.  She dropped me off at the Hotel Monaco here in Portland where I was to order room service, movies, and relax!  So, I did!  The prices were insane and it was like a whole different world.  I felt so guilty for ordering anything but I did it anyway because I had to eat and boy was it good!  

The room was huge (around 500ft) and I loved the decor!!!  Here it is!

This is the "living room" area.  The bathroom is beyond those doors to the left and was HUGE!  I just didn't see the appeal of taking a picture of the bathroom.

This is the right side of the bedroom...yes that is another tv...two tv...good grief!

This is the left side of the bedroom and the ridiculously comfortable king size bed.

This is the view from the entrance...the bathroom is to the right..through the first doorway is the living room and then past that is the bedroom.

My good friend Wendy came later to spend the night with me...I didn't want to be alone all night!  It was a whole lot of fun! It felt like a middle school sleepover...we talked ourselves to sleep!!! Of course before we did that, we had this amazing S'mores dessert....holy mackerel it was so good!!!

So, that was the amnio experience...I was spoiled not scarred...I did feel so guilty for the cost that I offered my IM that I would pay half of the tab but she said I was being silly and that she was glad I got to relax! :)  I really did feel like a princess!!!  

As always, I love you!

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  1. Glad that the Amnio went well, I have heard that it is not as bad as we kind of make it out to be in our heads. Glad you got to relax and enjoy the day/night!