Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gonna be a Bit Hormonal....

Yesterday I was visited by my dear friend Aunt Flo...As instructed I called Oregon Reproductive and they prepared my mock trial calendar.  Today, on the 10th Birthday of my lovely daughter, I started estrogen patches.  Whoo!

So far, I haven't experienced anything substantial regarding my hormones or emotions, but this is just day one, and the beginning of it at that.  Here is what my schedule looks like in regards the mock trial:




11/4 CLIMARA .1 mg (Place 1 patch)

11/6 CLIMARA .1 mg (Remove old patch & place 1 new patch)

11/8 CLIMARA .1 mg (Remove old patch & place 1 new patch)

11/10 CLIMARA .1 mg (Remove old patch & place 1 new patch) Blood draw @ 11:30

11/12 CLIMARA .1 mg – 2 PATCHES (.2 mg TOTAL)
(Remove old patch & place 2 new patches)

HSG needs to be scheduled  11/8 – 11/12

11/14 CLIMARA .1 mg – 3 PATCHES (.3 mg TOTAL)
(Remove old 2 patches & place 3 new patches)

11/16 CLIMARA .1 mg – 4 PATCHES (.4 mg TOTAL)
(Remove old 3 patches & place 4 new patches)

11/18 Lining check, estradiol level, mock transfer, Doppler ultrasound, blood draw @ 10am
After blood draw and ultrasound and if instructed by nurse/physician, remove old 4
patches and place 2 new patches

As you can see my estrogen levels will be very high...I expect some roller coster rides along the way...

Thanks for letting me share!

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