Thursday, November 18, 2010

“Tummy Mommy”

So today I went in for the ultrasound, mock transfer, blood draw, and estrodial check.  I also got to meet the doctor.  He was amazing and a joy.  That's a big deal coming from me, as I am usually anti-male vagina doctors.  He's an endocrinologist though, so maybe that's the difference!?!

As for the tests, everything looks great.  In fact, the doctor said that I am a perfect candidate for the process!  When I get home I will take off the FOUR estrogen patches I have on, replace them with two new ones and take my first Provera.  I really won't know much more schedule wise until I start my period after the Provera is gone.  We're kinda looking towards the end of next month to early January from what I can tell.  How EXCITING! 

I wrote an email to the intended mother [IM from now on, IP for intended parents, and IF for intended father (this works so much better than initials)] and let her know how it went.  She wrote back a lovely email and suggested that we swap family photo's.  One of them for my daughter's and one of us for their son, so he can see his sibling's "tummy mommy."  I think that is such a sweet term and apparently it is often used in adoption situations. 

Well, I believe that is it for now.  Please feel free to write comments with your thoughts, feelings, and questions and I will try to respond quickly!  All my love.

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