Monday, November 15, 2010

What in the hell is an HSG?

First let me say that I am sorry for my posts being so far and few in-between.  I promise to try to be better at this blog thing!  Full time school, work, and child rearing kinda keeps you busy!  Thanks for understanding!
I am currently at the part of the mock cycle where I am loaded with 3 estrogen patches.  The emotional side effects have seemed to waiver but my libido has spiked which is good for my relationship because for a while it was pretty much null. 
Last Thursday I went in for an HSG scan...As one friend said, "What in the hell is an HSG scan?" 
An HSG scan is an x-ray of your uterus and fallopian tubes to insure that everything looks normal and also that there is no blockage in your tubes.  The doctor injects a radiopaque dye into the uterus with a catheter they insert through the cervix.  This is all visible on a computer like monitor that shows almost a live action (still shot) view of the dye flowing into the uterus and out of the fallopian tubes.  My scan was normal and the doctor and tech were amazing and let me take a photo which I inserted above. 

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