Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Date Has Been Set!

On January 25th, 2011 I will have the IP's embryo transferred into my uterus.  The embryo will be 5 days in development.  According to the case worker at the fertility clinic, this will put the due date at Oct. 13th, 2011.  I, however, have done some research and believe that she may be off a little.  She hasn't taken into account the time from ovulation (release of an egg) to fertilization, to the uterus...about two weeks....I don't know...it may be wishful thinking...one of my very best friends is getting married on the 15th of October and I am supposed to goimg to TN to be in the wedding.....so the sooner the due date, the better!  I will know for sure when I talk to the doctor. 

Well, that's pretty much it for now...Thanks for listening!

I found a calculator to determine the due date of IVF of a frozen embryo...and she was right...the due date is OCT. 13th, 2011. 

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