Monday, May 9, 2011

Freaking 2WW!

Yes, I have been quiet since my transfer...but that is because there really hasn't been much going on....
I’ve peed on a dozen HPT’s (all BFN :evilhpt: but it’s still EARLY )….

I am exhausted, nauseous, my girl’s (boobies) hurt, and I have had some twinges in my uterine area…..I really feel good about this transfer and I can’t wait, although I have to, for Thursday’s BETA (hcg blood level test).  I think I have peed about 10 times or more (no exaggeration) since this morning….Of course, these symptoms can all be attributed to the injections of Progesterone and Estrogen.  Please continue sending me those sticky vibes (in any manner you see fit!)  Loves! 

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