Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now for How the Actual Transfer Went! (I swear no bitching!)

Let me share with you how the actual transfer went. 

I got off of work in an excited hurry at 11:30 am, just in time to catch the streetcar to Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM).  I had, as always, been drinking mass amounts of water and had another quart with me as instructed.  I got to ORM at 11:41 am and immediately went to the bathroom.  After I had emptied myself, I was instructed to drink the whole quart (which made my 4th for the morning) within the hour. 

When I came back from using the restroom, I was greeted by M & M or the IP's (intended parents who can tell you their names if they feel like it!)  They had in a tow a gigantic Trader Joe's bag filled with the most beautiful Orchid ever, organic (sliced) pineapple, and gifts for my daughter's.

After we chatted for a bit, Maggie, the (I'm guessing because she is my first) most amazing acupuncturist ever showed up and we proceeded to my bay or home base room!

As you can imagine by then, I had to PEE!  Of course, why would they have me fill myself with water if they didn't want me to have a full I suffer/enjoyed a half hour of acupuncture trying not to think about pissing all over the table.  I did a good job...I didn't pee myself....Round of applause for me! 

The nurse came and checked my bladder mid-session with the Ultrasound, and as I assumed, it was too full.  I had to go the bathroom and fill a 10 oz.  3/4 of the way.  The doctor needed to see my uterus, which a full bladder helps with, but mine was pinching the uterus off.  Have you ever had to do that...Imagine holding your pee to where it hurts, then trying to stop the flow once it's started....I'm very proud of myself.

Finally, it was time.  I had been given a valium to help relax the uterus and then was wheeled into the procedure room.  It was very sterile and high tech.  There was a separate room where the little embryo was waiting and the tech was able to take a quick picture of him or her before inserting the embryo into the transfer straw.  Here he/she is:
AWWW...They're so cute when they are still blastocysts!  :)

The pictures are of just one embryo...that is all that was transferred. 

At this time, I still had to pee...and I mean, my teeth were floating.  I just knew they were going to have me pee and pinch again...and I was right.  This time they wanted the full cup....and I did it.  Yes...I am proud of myself...once again.  ;)

The transfer was painless and quick.  In fact everyone said it was the fasted transfer that they have ever seen because of how relaxed I was.  I thank the acupuncture and my being able to relax through shallow breathing techniques.  :)  I will keep you informed on the results of the tests!  The blood test is next Thursday!!  How exciting! 


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