Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Days Post Transfer & a RANT!

I am now off of bed rest.  Thank God.  You would have thought I had the time or even the need to write about the transfer in the 48 hours I was stuck on my couch at a 35% angle.....but I didn't.  No, I was too busy scouring the Internet on the success rates of IVF and trying to figure out why I had such bad gas.  That's right I said it....Gas..GAs...GAS!!!  I felt, and still kinda feel, like I have the Hindenburg (pre-explosion of course) squished into my bowels....and I never did find a concrete answer...  TMI???  Suck it up...Aren't blogs supposed to be about honesty?  Well, here you go.  I have decided to let go and be more candid with this blog, because, mainly I need a safe place to vent.  Sure, some of you know me personally, and you'll probably learn or hear things you don't care to know about (like the gas talk a bit ago)...but if this offends you...don't read it! 

So, now, as far as the transfer goes, it's a waiting game.  The earliest I can do a HPT (home pregnancy test) and get a positive is probably Monday....but I have the patience of my two year old, and we all know I will probably test everyday this weekend...I'll keep you informed on that!

On the personal front, a friend text dumped me because we have changed too much or some bullshit like that after I had gotten upset for her bailing on me two days before the transfer...she was supposed to be my ride, something I had asked her literally the day I received my calendar over a month and a half ago...I even asked her, probably on a weekly basis if she was going to be available and she always said yes...Then, over this past weekend I took her and my girls (paid for 100% of everything besides a pack of smokes she bought herself and dinner bought by a friend) to Seattle for a fun filled weekend and lunch with the IP's...On our way home I asked her again if she was still going to be able to pick me up and she said that her mom MAY need a ride to the doctor, but that she didn't know because her mom hadn't texted her back....ALL I NEEDED WAS A HALF HOUR TO AN HOUR OF HER TIME...and she couldn't because her mom might have needed a ride.  So, I said something about it, which I don't usually do, and she dumped me....After the Seattle trip and my fiancé (who she openly dislikes) fixed her fiancé’s car free of charge in the middle of winter in rainy ass Portland...and I couldn't get a ride home from her.  Lame.

As much as I love her though, it's kind of a relief.  At least I won't have to try so hard to please her....a nearly impossible feat.  ....My daughter will be the sad one....

Thank God for my sister in-law to be Julie.  She really pulled through....She picked me up and then made me dinner....THANK YOU!  :)

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