Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today is the Day that the Transfer Occurs!

Good Morning....I am skipping past the fact that I am absolutely terrible at keeping a blog, diary, or journal of any type, because I'm so excited! 

I started the Progesterone last week and I have been so insanely emotion..darn hormones!!!  I also woke up very nauseous this morning and can't seem to kick it...another joy of the hormones....but those are all small issues and can be surpassed by the excitement and joy that comes with knowing that today, I will become pregnant with M & M's baby(s).  I am staying positive about the outcome because I know that the transfer will take.  I added the "s" because we won't know until a little while later, after 9 am, if there will be one or two embryo's transferred.  I will definitely let you know! 

I am about to start work and will be getting off at 11:30 am PST to go to ORM.  At noon I will receive acupuncture and a Valium...to relax the uterus of course!  The transfer is scheduled for 1:00 pm PST.  Afterwards, I will lay in ORM's bay for an hour and receive another round of acupuncture. Whoo!  

I will try to update later on how it has gone, but I can't make any promises!   Loves!

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