Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Week from Today...and a Hormonal Reaction to Wonderful News!

I found out from my IM that we are leaning towards transferring two embryos this time!  This is great news because it will increase the chances of a pregnancy occurring.  Of course the chance for multiples is increased, but that doesn't bother me...

Speaking of multiples, I found out yesterday via Facebook that my brother and his wife are expecting twins!  I think this is wonderful news, but yesterday, I was very hormonal or in other words....EMOTIONAL!  My feelings were so hurt that I found out that way, but in reality I know from experience not to expect much in the area of thoughtfulness from him, plus, he's a dude.  :)  So, YAY for him and his wife! 

What I think caused me to be so insanely hormonal and is the most logical explanation is the endocrinologist tripled of Delestrogen.  That's right.....I said tripled it.  That's only because I was supposed to double my dose for two injections prior to my appointment and my lining, although good, was slightly thin.  The doctor said this was not a bad problem to have and then blamed it on them, although I feel responsible.  The good news is, my lining is now where it should be, the bad news is, they are keeping me on the tripled dose!  Ahhh!  Well, at least there is an explanation to my crying like a girl at work.  :) 

Have a beautiful day and as always....loves!

Oh!  And more good news!  My friend and one of Jocelyn's teachers from daycare will be coming over while Jesse is at work to help me out!  THANK YOU Erin!

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  1. I love you Crystal!!!

    :o) Allissa