Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Weeks from Today!

In exactly two weeks, minus a few hours, embryo transfer number two will occur! I didn’t realize how close it was until I looked at my Outlook calendar. Two weeks! Time really is flying, isn’t it?

Things are going well here. I have experienced a little bloating and emotional sensitivity, but both are symptoms that are to be expected with the cocktail of hormones I am injecting myself with. I find myself in moments of self pity because I feel alone, even though I have many amazing and wonderful people in my life and all is well once I remind myself of that.

So far, all I know about the transfer is the date and time. I will let you know more once I am more informed. I doubt I will know the number of embryo’s, but my assumption is that it will be just one. If it is more than that, it would probably be the re-freeze from the last transfer, and there are no statistics on the viability of a re-frozen embryo. Who knows....I promise I will let you know. :)

Have a beautiful day. Loves.

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