Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feeling a Little Lonely...

Wow.  Who would have thought that waiting for the next cycle would be lonely?  I'm sure it has to do with an accumulation of things, such as Jesse's new NOC shift, being dumped by a friend, not feeling motivated for anything (i.e. school, gym, diet)....kinda depressed.  I never see my fiance, all of my good friends seem to live hundreds of miles away, and my friends that are close are super busy with their own families that I feel like I'm imposing on them....to top it off, the only co-worker I trust is in our Bend office so I feel super uncomfortable.....I'm lonely.  I guess I can blame it on my hormones changing, but I know that my loneliness is real.  I'm isolated at work and at home my only companion's are my children (who are amazing, but sometimes you need adult time).  I don't have the distraction of needles and appointments to keep me occupied.  I need a hobby.....

I am sorry for the sob self pity blog entry, but I need a safe place to vent. 

As always loves.


  1. So I totally posted a long thing on here, and see it disappeared. But basically it said that you are an amazing persona nd stronger then i could ever be. I could not do what you are doing and for that I am envious. BE proud of yourself and be sure to make time for adult time, even if it is a long phone call, because you need the support. I know that I am across the country but you can always call me if you need to chat. Luv you cus, Luv ur lil cus, Stacy:)

  2. I empathize w/ this - my fiance is halfway around the world, and life as a biomedical research grad student is incredibly isolating. I can go the entire day without talking to a single soul sometimes. But the idea of a hobby is a wonderful one. Have you ever done needlepoint or cross-stitching? The latter is something that I really enjoy, and I like to choose projects that I give to family or friends when completed, as it keeps me motivated. It's a quiet, low key hobby (and not too expensive), easy to pick up and put down, and something you could continue during your pregnancy!

  3. Thanks ladies! Meg, I did purchase a new sewing machine and I am looking forward to some projects to do. I just have to find the time to sit down and start! :) I have also done needlepoint in the past, maybe that is something I should look into!

    I love you too Stacy!!!

  4. Ha ha! I just saw that you Margaret, are Meg. I feel like a turd! For a moment I thought I had some random and kind person commenting! Then...I looked closer! I miss you!!and thanks for turning me onto Hyperbole and a Half...it's by far one of my favorite things to read online!