Monday, March 21, 2011

Just a Quick Ramble!

Yay!  School is over for a while!  I am officially taking a break because if I do not, I will go insane!!!!!!   Time to focus on my family, work, the surrogacy, the gym, and myself! 

I start the Lupron shots a week from today.  I am super excited to get the cycle started! 

Things have been going great for me personally.  Work is what it is and home is good too.  We are still adjusting to my fiancé Jesse’s new work schedule (nights), so there have been some cranky moments as we all are losing sleep trying to figure it out, especially with a two year old!  It’s nothing we can’t handle though…..It is bound to take some time! 

Did I mention that I got a new car?  A Mazda5 Grand Touring!  I am so in love with her!  The name Maggie just came to me, so that’s what I call her.  She’s awesome!  We were so upside down on my last car.  We owed about $12,500 and it was only worth $7000….I had to get out of that!  Fortunately, the payments are the same, so there was no need to adjust my budget.  I also get WAY better gas mileage, and we all know how important that is right now!  (can you tell I’m excited?) 

Speaking of cars, I also was able, through mere luck and the friendship of an old man, to purchase a 1957 Chevy Bel Air for Jesse on Valentine’s Day!   It’s awesome and only needs a few tweaks to be road ready!  Love it! 

Anyways, thanks for listening to me ramble.  I have a feeling this may occur more often now that I have a break from school!  I hope all is well and as always, loves!!

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