Wednesday, August 31, 2011


No, of course the blog isn't might not say much, but it's not blank...That is all that came to my mind when thinking of a title.  :)

So, I started the bcp's today but I still haven't gotten a calendar.  I really want to express my frustrations with the new nurse working with us...but I won't...mainly because she is new....and it will just get me irritated and I need to be beyond that! 

Since she hasn't gotten my calendar ready, that I was supposed to have last week or the week before even, I have taken it upon myself to make an attempt at calculating the injection start date, the transfer date, and the due date....I may not be spot on, but I know I am pretty close.  I am guessing the injections will start around 8/13, the transfer will be around 10/18, and the due date should be around 7/3.  :)  Of course these are my guesses...I will let you know soon if I am right...on any account!  :)  LOVES!

OH! Please pray for my surro-sister Tiffany whose mother is in the hospital on a ventilator. Please pray that God guide the hands and minds of the doctors to heal her in the manner that He wills. Also please ask that God wrap his arms around Tiffany, her father, brother, family and friends and offer them peace and comfort in such a time. Amen.

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