Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Still in Limbo as I Count Down the Last 3 Days of my 20's!

Well, it's been over a month since the last transfer, and I haven't heard anything from M & M.  That is why I haven't given you an update until this point....I was waiting for some substantial news to tell you, which I unfortunately do not have. 

All is well with me otherwise and I have many blessings in my life, thank you God.  I'm a little lonely with Jesse's work schedule being opposite of mine, but my good friend Jen has been a great adage to my life and we have many visits each week.  I think we found our friendship at a time when we both needed someone and I am lucky to know her and her family.  My girls are doing great, Syd is about to graduate the 4th grade and Jocelyn is entering the terrible twos...and for a little one who thinks and says she's a princess, this can be maddening!  ;)  Our four legged kids are doing great too.  Ollie, my dog, is AMAZING and as smart as can be....although at 3 months, he is HUGE.  His paws are already bigger than Jesse's German Sheppard/ Siberian Husky Sasha's...and he eats 2 xs as much as her...3 times a day!  But, he's potty trained, knows sit, and shake.  We are still working on down and hush...he's a verbal little big guy!  I got him when he was 5 weeks old and he was so small.  Mom was a stray and she was a medium size mutt, so I expected him to be around the same size...but whatever his daddy was must have been huge!!!  He looks part Mastiff...but whatever he is....I'm in love!

I will be turning 30 this Saturday and plan on singing some karaoke with many of my good friends because the camp ground ended up being closed up until this weekend due to snow.  Thank you Oregon.  ;)  It's okay though, we have all summer to do some camping...and oh it will happen!

So, that's basically my update for you.  I am in a state of unknowing regarding the surrogacy.  If M & M decide to not move forward, I may try to find another couple to help...I already have it in my head that I am doing this....Why quit now?

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