Friday, March 1, 2013

Almost to the Most Beautiful Finish Line

Things have been great!  We are 37 weeks 3 days pregnant with a very loved little girl whose parents cannot wait to meet her! 

At 34 weeks we had our follow up appointment with the neonatologist to check on her kidneys.  One is perfect and the other is slightly enlarged.  They are not truly concerned and think it's probably a normal variant for her.  Because of this though, I have been getting Non Stress Tests weekly...which have all been great.  They also said that she is a big baby, around 6 lbs. 10 oz., and at the time she was breech.

I am not concerned with her size because I know that my body is beyond capable of birthing her, but I did address the breech issue with inversion, pelvic raises, acupuncture and moxibustion every night.  I am happy to announce that she turned and that is no longer a concern. :)

I am feeling pretty good..I have horrible carpal tunnel and edema (not related to preeclampsia), so my hands are numb and my legs are insanely fat from swelling!  I have also started having more regular contractions and am guessing that she will make her grand entrance by next week (sometime this weekend) here is what I think will be the last picture of her in my tummy.  :)

Thanks for following along!  Lots of love and blessings!!!!

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  1. You are truly amazing to do this for others. Beyond wht many people (including myself) are probably capable of doing. I have such respect for you. I am sure this baby is going to be loved all around. the long road you and her parents have gone through to have her. I can no imagine their excitment that the day is almost here!
    Love you cousin!
    Stacy M