Monday, December 27, 2010

I know I know...and I'm sorry!

It's been so long since I have posted and I apologize.  Life, as it usually does, got busy.  Kids, family, work, and school tend to get the priority in my life, then add in the holidays and it's pure chaos.

I started taking Lupron shots on Dec. 20th.  They are not so bad, as they only require an insulin needle to the stomach (subcutaneous.)  As for the side effects...well, that's a different story.  I have had non-stop nausea...I guess it could be compared to morning sickness, although I never experienced that, so it's hard to make a valid comparison.  I'm not overly moody though and that is a plus.  I am, however, exhausted..exhausted...exhausted...and did I mention hungry....No?  Well, that too.

Next week, according to the calendar that I shared with you in a previous post, I will be starting the Delgesteron injections.  These scare me a bit, because they are intramuscular...eeekk!  I will have to shoot the Delgesteron, which is very thick because it's in oil, into my bum.  I'll  be sure to let you know how it goes. 

Christmas was wonderful.  I had beautiful family and friends over, the children were spoiled, and I cheated on my healthy eating kick.  I hope your holidays were just as great!  Until next time!

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